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WikiCamps Australia is pretty much one of the 'Must Have' apps as you travel our gorgeous land.  We are proud to announce that TAWK is now a filter on the app - helping families find our TAWKer Supporter Parks easier.  WikiCamps Australia is awesome and will help you plan your travels.  

It is available for your mobile device or your computer and it also can use your GPS if you have it switched on to find your nearest options to camp. You can use the many 'Filters' (And TAWK is one of them now) to select what suits your family; for example how much you'll pay, if a spot has has power, water, ablutions, if you can take the dog and often - and this is important for families homeschooling - if there’s Wi-Fi available.

As mentioned TAWK is now a TAWK Filter on the App - so you will find it easier to find the  TAWKer Supporter Caravan Parks/Camping Spots/Accommodations are (The ones that offer you FREE Camping for the kids) and we do need a few more on board for them to consider this.

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WikiCamps Australia is a User Generated App

IN this peer sharing world we live in, this can be very handy but bear in mind the information on here is User Generated so you may get information that might not be current, from an aggrieved party or from the site themselves.  So as usual with anything nowadays, use your common sense when using WikiCamps Australia and also do other research to ensure this is where you want to stay. 

However in the scheme of things, we think there's more plus than minus and encourage you to grab this great little App. Users can also comment and upload their own photos and I think this can really help (assuming it is genuine) to assess some of the free camps around Australia. 

No this is not a sponsored post!  Although they did give us the codes to give away to you.

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