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Kids on the Road Northern Territory Activity Book

After Kids on the Road founder Lisa Gass travelled the Northern Territory with her family, she saw so many fantastic learning opportunities for her kids and wondered where she could find a book to make the most of this opportunity while they were actually THERE.  She couldn't find one. As she is a teacher herself, it seemed obvious to her that she needed to do it and so she did!  She created a book about the Northern Territory for other kids to learn with!

*** Lisa has now collaborated with TAWK and we have Activity sheets in other states that will help reinforce their learning in those areas and you can turn into their own book - see here.

Kids on the Road Northern Territory Video

Kids on the Road Learning Opportunties - Northern Territory

Being a teacher, Lisa's passionate about the kids learning and nothing is more exciting than learning through real experience, whilst you are actually seeing it all and being surrounded by it. For the kids to see something in real life, to learn about it there and then, she knew it was an opportunity - not for her kids this time - but for future TAWKers kids.

With this in mind she hopes this book adds a little something to their experience, educates them as they take time out of 'real school' and gives them some learning activities to do whilst in the Northern Territory.

The book has strong links to the new ACARA syllabus (Australian Curriculum) and kids will most certainly be more active in their own learning by doing the activities in the book. Knowing that they have visited these places and have experienced them for themselves.  By documenting their experiences, they will remember them better and look back on in the future.

Therefore improve your child’s understanding and appreciation for this unique part of Australia and its people and at the same time they will develop a deeper understanding. BUY the book! The school will love you/them for it! 

Inside the book example..

More Info?

Obviously do not have all the information here, so it's time to head to the Kids on the Road Website and buy the book!  As TAWKers, pop in the code fbten and you'll get a 10% discount.

Remember Lisa has now collaborated with TAWK and we have Activity sheets for other states that will help reinforce their learning and you can turn into their own book - see here.

Thanks Kids on the Road for being TAWKer Supporters!

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