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Welcome to our TAWKer Supporters Products and Services Page.

The products or services here are ones that we think you will love and might find handy on your travels whilst TAWKing AND have special offers for TAWKers. 

If you have something/somewhere that you recommend and think that we should contact OR you have a product or service  would like to offer TAWKers discounts then please contact us for consideration to be a TAWKer Supporter.

We have only just launched this idea, so make sure you come back often or check our Facebook Page for updates.

We also have TAWKer Supporter Caravan Parks and Attractions, please have a look at both to see where you can save.

Accelerated Diesel Tuning

When Grant and Melissa from QLD Diesel Tuning contacted us about becoming TAWKer Supporters and giving TAWKers a discount, I could not have been happier as it's a way that you might save money on fuel and so I knew you'd all love that!

Accelerated Diesel Tuning is a mobile diesel and petrol vehicle tuning business based in Queensland. They specialise in, but are not limited to diesel powered vehicles.  They are the Gold Coast's Agritune Dealer.

Their product /service is perfect for people with 4x4 and for those travelling on long trips and/or towing caravans/campers!  They are also specialists in Toyota Landcruisers but can and do other vehicles too!

Read more and get your discount code here....

Complete Education Australia

Complete Education Australia approached us to become TAWK Supporters as they saw that educating your children on the road was one of your major concerns and think that they may have the answer that you are looking for.  And because they are TAWK Supporters, you of course get a TAWK Discount!

What I really like about Complete Education Australia is that they understand that some of the best advancements in the our history have been from people that have been taught to think outside the box.  I think that by giving your children the gift of travelling and exploring our gorgeous country, helps them to do just that!

Find out more here....


I do love this idea. SHAREaCAMPER offers a platform for Aussie RV owners to rent out their campers to potential TAWKers who may not choose not to BUY a camper right now.  This way camper owners can make use of their underutilised vehicles and bring in a bit of money at the same time. On the other hand, potential TAWKers get to try out a camper before they commit to buying with the opportunity to rent from an Aussie family who have a unique vehicle sitting in their driveway and may well be saving for their next adventure.

Whether the potential travellers are from overseas or only going away for a few months and don’t need to buy a camper, this arrangement benefits everyone.

Find out more here....

Fast Cover Travel Insurance

Fast Cover Travel Insurance approached us to see how they could become involved in the TAWKer Supporter Program and we told them it was easy - give TAWKers a discount on their travel insurance. They said YES! You have to love that.  You know you need travel insurance if you are going abroad, so the question is; do you need Domestic Travel Insurance?  The short answer is, you probably do! Whether you're planning to travel the whole country in one long trip or several short trips you should make sure you have domestic travel insurance to provide protection for you and your.

Fast Cover Travel Insurance policies can provide cover for you and your family for travel in Australia for just one day or up to a whole year.

Find out more....

Action Bike Ski

Action Bike Ski owners Shayne (“Scratcha”) and Julie are TAWKers themselves and approached us to become TAWKer Supporters!  They have just finished a trip and know just what you need to make the best of your trip around Australia.  You have to have a look at all that they sell and offer.  I was astounded and I think you will be too.  So many things that will make your trip amazing are here in one place!

You can see from below the categories.  More information here and grab your discount code!  OH and they also have tours along the Mighty Murray River and hire options too.


If you’ve been looking for ways to make your vehicle more road-trip appropriate, Travall shows you how to achieve this with three vehicle-specific accessories.

As a TAWKer, we know that you love to explore the wonderful sights around Australia and that you want to do that with the whole gang so nobody misses out on the experience. For your long road trips, camping adventures, day trips out, or just around town Travall offers the ultimate car accessory combo that will make travelling easier, will protect passengers, and will win your dog over as well. With the Travall vehicle-specific pet barrier, trunk divider, and rubber boot mat you, your family, and your dog will be ready for the road.

Find out more and the exclusive TAWK Discount here....

Tree Hut Village

As soon as I heard about Tree Hut Village, I knew it would be the perfect fit for TAWKers.  Why?  Because the idea is simple and obvious; Basically it's a parent-to-parent baby equipment hire platform! 

When you are travelling, you may be able to hire quality equipment where you are or you are travelling to.  Let's face it, if you don't have to drag all the baby equipment round with you, and know that you may be able to borrow what you need where you are going, how great would that be!?

Read more and find out your discount code here...

NutWare Coloured Wheel Nut Indicators

Safety first is something that we all need to do and lets face it when we are travelling our great land we have to make decisions that ensure the families safety!  This great Australian family owned business based in South Australia have a great little product that could save you time, money and even a life! 

NutWare Coloured Wheel Nut Indicators aim to provide the everyday driver with a simple, affordable and effective pre-emptive safety device.  They come in many colours and are designed to be a visual alert to indicate loose or missing wheel nuts!

They offer TAWK'ers a discount and you can find out more here....

Tree and Pixie Creations

You know how much we love supporting TAWKers, meaning you guys as you Travel Australia With Kids, well you can imagine how much we love finding families that have their own business and run it as they travel.

Tree and Pixie Creations are travelling as they are TAWKing!  They are taking their amazing creations to markets and festivals around the country AND have an on line shop selling their unique items too.

They are of course keen to give you a TAWK Discount so to find out more have a look here.

Kids on the Road - Northern Territory Activity Book

This great book by the team at Kids on the Road is an activity book and journal for kids travelling through the Northern Territory. With strong links to Australian syllabus, it can certainly assist with their learning about the Northern Territory.  It is really ideal for children that are taking time out of school to travel this great land. 

As the children visit each destination from Uluru to Darwin they can complete the activities in the book. Not only does this make it more interesting for them, it reinforces their learning.

Click here for more information...

Caravan and Camping HIRE

How much do we love this?!  Two perfectly aligned ideas:

You Hire - You can hire a privately owned caravan, camper or motor home - I think this is a really good idea, especially if you are not sure about what to go TAWKing with!  Like a 'try before you buy'.  That's what we did before we decided on what to travel in - we hired a pop top camper and took it away for a week to see if it was something that would suit our family and our travel plans. 

The other side of their business which I also love...

You Hire our Your RV!If you are not travelling at the moment or if you have finished your trip, make some $$$ by hiring out your RV instead of it being parked up.  It could pay for your next adventure!

There are so many to choose from already if you are looking to hire one AND they are always looking for more RV's to hire out.  Find out more here.

Camooweal Caravans

What a great idea; Mobile Caravan Repair Service!  From caravan awning repairs to wheel bearing and brake issues, Randall from Camooweal Caravans can help.

When you are travelling around, problems come up from time to time and you need to get them repaired.  If you are in the area of far western Queensland and the Gulf Country to the north, then you need to call Randall.

With Lawn Hill National Park and the Gulf of Carpentaria in the area, you will no doubt be passing nearby as you travel our wonderful country.

Find out more about your TAWKer Discount here....

Expedition Australia - The Big Lap

Steve and family are just like you and wanted to Travel Australia to do The Big Lap.  For years they dreamed of leaving the rat race behind and getting on the road.  Finally they did it and they filmed it too!  If you want the heads up to what it might be like, then this will give you a really good idea.

There are plenty of travel shows on TV but none like The Big Lap.

They filmed the 10 episode series over 2 years including the planning and preparation for the trip and I think this is one of the best parts as it gives you thoughts on what you might need to do. They show the challenges of getting prepared and their journey. Steve includes all the highs but also the lows, giving a true indication of what life is like on the road.

You also hear it from the guys perspective (from Steve) and the girls (from Jen), so a very balanced view.  Find out more here...

Caravanning with Kids

Caravanning with kids have got so many wonderful products in their shop, that really support TAWK!

This Family run business was born after Wayne and Adele took some time out with their children for a family trip that changed their lives.  And we are glad they did!

Their website not only gives some simple ideas and tips for your travels but also has a shop with so many great products including their 'must have' Travel Journals & Log Books. Find out more here.

From the Heart Sustainability Education Books

As an early childhood educator, Sharron from 'From the Heart Photography'  has worked in the field of early childhood education for over 22 years.  She has recently developed a passion for children's photo story books about sustainability and looking after our earth!  Being the photographer that she is, she knew that she was onto something.

She is also a TAWKer and has travelled to every state and capital city in Australia with her family.   She teachers her children how beautiful our country is and how easy it is to forget just how fragile it is.  So she thought of a range of books that would help their understanding.

To find out more and the TAWKer discount please click here...

Dean Denton - Guitar Lessons/Skype

Dean teaches two of my children guitar lessons - I just love it when they sit around the campfire and strum away.   Dean now also teaches through Skype!  His clients are mainly kids who live remote and FIFO workers.

I can highly recommend Dean - he used to be in the Perth band The Frames -  and I thought this would be perfect for some TAWKers! You or your kids.  You can contact him through his Facebook Page.  Mention you are a TAWKer and get a 10% discount on your first booking.

Blue Sky Days

Australian owned and operated, TAWKer Supporter 'Blue Sky Days' is an online boutique beach store offering beautiful beach and outdoor products.  Blue Sky Day’s have sought unique, innovative and lifestyle enhancing products from Small Australian Businesses.  These products can be enjoyed at the beach, at the park, at the caravan park or in your own backyard and pool and I think you are going to love their products!

From beach shade to beach towels, beach music solutions and beach fun, there are so many things that you didn't know you needed. And even better, they are giving TAWKers a discount! Find out more here.

If you would like to suggest a business that you think we should approach then please let us know here and contact us or share this page with them. 

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