I love Camping in Western Australia!

Parrys Beach

We didn't know it at the time, but camping in Western Australia and particularly; Parrys Beach and Two Peoples Bay would become one of our most memorable times of our trip and for two different reasons.

The outdoor movie theatre

Firstly, Parrys Beach just outside Denmark WA - a lovely little 'rabbit warren' of a campsite. It was run by a lady who's age I estimate at 105, and was a minimal charge for some great camping. ($7 per night NOT per person !  - although I think it is a tad more expensive now).

The new abulutions were being built - but when we were there, it was a matter of only so much hot water - which was solar heated - and once gone...it was a refreshing cold one all round. We also had to bring our own drinking water.

We met a fabulous family also travelling Australia, from NSW,  the Flock of Peacocks!  With four children ages, 15, 13, 10 and 8!!!  It made me feel a lot saner!  Mother Peacock was homeschooling the lot of them and gave me some great tips and ideas.

What fun we all had, the children played great together, climbed trees and made cubbys.  We all fished off the rocks during the day and sat round the campfire at night. (The beach looked like you could catch at wave - but it was too cold when we were there.) We even organised a movie night for the kids.  The children loved spending time with other children and we promised to meet up the North West Coast later on our trips.  We had a wonderful time here and we had great company; we were getting used to this lifestyle!

Parrys Beach camping area is about 20 km out of the town of Denmark, Western Australia.

Another family we met around the campfire, told us of a spot not too far up the coast called Two Peoples Bay, he said it was a bit of a secret and a must see whilst camping in Western Australia - we couldn't wait!

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Two Peoples Bay

We hit the jackpot with this free camping spot, Two Peoples Bay is about 52 km north east of Albany. As it came into view, we gasped and knew we'd found the most amazing spot. We camped by the edge of the water, the children surfed, we all fished and we loved it.  We cooked up the fish and opened a bottle of 1995 Cab Sav! Not an obvious choice but it worked.  The time here is etched in my memory as one of the best moments ever. I even sigh as I am writing this. 

We were the only ones there and even the rain would not dampen our spirits such was the beauty of the place.  The only facility was a drop toilet and a couple of bins.  Apparently it gets busy on public holidays and weekends.  The beauty of camping in Western Australia whilst travelling the whole country, is that you don't have to go there at those busy times.

We stayed a day longer, just because we could.

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Our camping in Western Australia was not finished yet...next, a very long trip to ...... Esperance.

Other great camping spots in Western Australia can be found at Parks and Wildlife Campfinder a great resource with up-to-date information.

Where have you been camping in Western Australia?

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