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Here we feature Australian Road Trips and the families that are doing it - We figure, the best way to find out more about Travelling Australia With Kids (TAWKing) is by answering our TAWK Ten Questions by those are are doing it or have done it. 

Answering the TAWK Ten Questions, our Featured Families give you their answers to:

  1. Who they are, with a bit of a bio.
  2. Why did they make the decision decision to TAWK?
  3. How they got organised and how they prepared?
  4. What has been their biggest joy?
  5. What has been their biggest challenge and how they overcome it?
  6. Where they have enjoyed the most and where they were disappointed. (now a combined question)
  7. How did they get organised with schooling, what did/do they do and how did they come to that decision?
  8. What surprised them most about the trip?
  9. What would be three pieces of advice they would give to a future TAWKer?
  10. How do they think that this adventure has changed their family?
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Australian Road Trips 2018

Why Not Us

We are the Finns, an average aussie family of 5. Dani (Dad 32) Aimee (Mum 31) Farren (9) Lucas (5) Addison (3). We've left our home, jobs, family and friends to follow our dreams and travel. We decided to call our little adventure - Why Not Us? Our one and only plan is to give people the inspiration they need to do the same.

We've always talked of buying a van and travelling Australia, but we always seemed to come up with an excuse as to why we couldn't. Until one day it just clicked that when is ever the right time? When our children are too old and don't want to hang out with us anymore?  Nope, we decided our time is now!

Read more about our story here.

April 2018

Zahlis Big Lap

We are the Zahlmann family from Gippsland Victoria.  We were getting sick of the everyday nine to five and not spending as much time with our kids as we'd like.

We are Michael (36), Ebony (31), Maddyn (2,5) & Emery (1). We are travelling in a Pajero & Jayco Expanda. We plan to be on the road for 12 months and we are going clockwise from Melbourne. 

Here we answer the TAWK ten questions of our journey so far, enjoy.......

April 2018

WOT - Williams Oz Travels

We're the Williams family. And we're on our Oz Travels. So, we're the Williams Oz Travels (WOT!). We are from the UK and are loving our OZ Adventure.

We're a young family of four travelling around Australia for more than 3 months at the start of 2018.  We're made of James (Dad), Catherine (Mum), Rosie (3 year old daughter and Lottie (6 month old daughter). 

We're travelling from Perth to Cairns via Melbourne, The Great Ocean Road, Canberra, Uluru, Sydney the East Coast from Sydney to Cairns. Plus we'll be coming in via Singapore and out via Kuala Lumpar. We're flying everywhere, except two stints of driving in a camper van on the Great Ocean Road (6 nights) and the east coast from Sydney to Cairns (28 nights).

Read more of our story here...

Mar 2018

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Nessy's Gift

We are a family of four being myself Ness, Katie 8 Lochie 6 and Lucy our Pomeranian 2 years.

We have been travelling 3 years this coming March and this is second lap. I work as I'm travelling as a psychic doing readings to help fund our trip. A real travelling gypsy! I wish I had a gypsy wagon but I don't, we have a caravan and a hilux ute.

My kids are both home schooled through school of air which we all find challenging frustrating but definitely educational.

We answer the TAWK 10 Questions about our story here...

The Wandering Steels

We are a family of 4 with mum, dad & 2 children (8 & 4). As a family we have always loved camping and exploring. The kids thrive outdoors getting filthy and having fun.

One of our pieces of advice is "Stop dreaming and set a date - if you are able to uproot temporarily or long term then jump at the opportunity. Life is not guaranteed, why wait until the house is paid off or you have saved loads of money, there are many ways to survive and thrive on the road.

We answer the TAWK 10 Questions here...

Jan 2018

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