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First Aid Kit for Travelling Australia

A First Aid Kit for travelling Australia - Here we give you a comprehensive guide to what you should pack.

Read more here.

Breezy Shade Review

The Breezy Shade is a great way for all the family to get shade at the beach PLUS the smallest to store and transport.

Read my thoughts here

Road Trip Games

How do you keep your kids entertained in the car for all the hours that you will be travelling?  We have compiled some of the best car games for you.

Top Ten Must See Australia as voted by YOU!

We asked and you told us!  What are your Top Ten Suggestions to see when you are TAWKing - we tallied up and here are the results.

Romance on the Road!

This has to be one of the most important questions and one that I'm sure many of you want to know the answer to! We asked our TAWK families, and here are some of their suggestions....

Full Faced Snorkel Mask Review

It's still hard to fathom the difference that this mask would have made for me on our 2 year trip around Australia. With these masks you can just breathe as normal!

Read about my reluctant review here.

WikiCamps and TAWK

WikiCamps Australia is pretty much one of the 'Must Have' apps as you travel our gorgeous land.  We are proud to announce that TAWK is now a filter on the App.

What is the TAWKer Supporter Program?

What is the TAWKer Supporter Program and and what are the benefits for Families & Caravan Parks/Camping Spots and Businesses that are now joining? 

Read about it here.

Attractions & Discounts for TAWK Members

Here are the businesses that are committing to giving TAWKers at least a 10% discount if you book direct with them!

Trouble on the Road

When families travel, if you follow them on social media, you see all the amazing places they go to, explore and the adventures they have, but what they post about on social media doesn’t always capture the whole truth. Here one mum shares her story.

Tesalate Towel Review

"Can we send you a FREE towel to review?" They said. I don't normally do this ...unless I think it would be a great fit for TAWKers.  AND I do!  Read why here....

TAWKer Supporter Program - Going really well

Parks are now approaching us to become TAWKer Supporters after seeing success other parks are having by becoming a Supporter!

Grab your TAWK Bumper sticker today!

A great way to recognise other families who are Also Traveling Australia With Kids

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